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Skype: romantic.guam QQ: 1047368798 (请注明:关岛旅游)

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Hafa adai and welcome to Guam!!

 A whole world of fun, adventure and excitement is just waiting for you out there. And Romantic Guam Tours is here to take you to places that you and your family will surely love and enjoy. We offer various travel packages in Guam at affordable rates.
To offer genuine reliability in our services and to satisfy the needs of our clients. It is essential for us to make sure the clients are happy and satisfied during their stay throughout their visit to Guam.

Romantic Guam Corporation was established in June 2010 with the goal of serving the tourists from Mainland China. 
As we all know, the Guam Government and Guam Visitors Bureau have made great efforts in promoting the tourism of Guam, and we believe that all these efforts will result in better returns. We are expecting more and more tourists from Mainland China to Guam in the near future and we are looking forward to the days to come. At the same time we are getting ready for offering the best quality service to them. 
Guam has not only attracted over ten thousand new couples to have their chapel ceremonies, but also welcomes over one million tourists from all over the world to this happy island every year. We will be more than happy to provide the best quality services for romantic weddings, chapel ceremonies and all kinds of tours for the people from Mainland China. 
In China, our experienced and highly qualified staff has many years of marketing and business experience and we have reached agreement with over 30 international travel companies in China to cooperate with us and we also have business partners in Guam. We really appreciate the great help and strong support from Guam Visitors Bureau.

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