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Product name : Seawalker Special
Item : 201352794545
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Seawalker Special

You don't have to know how to snorkel, dive or even swim to go under the sea with The "Seawalker". It is a unique underwater walking experience where you will wear a big, white and comfortable diving helmet that provides an automatic air supply to you at all times. Your body gets wet but your face stays completely dry!
Located along the Fish Eye Marine Park observatory pier, you walk out into Piti Bay and see the marvelous colors of the clear, warm water and the coral reefs. Once at the Seawalker, you'll be briefed and given all information about your upcoming adventure. 
Are you ready? First you must suit up with the special helmet. Don't worry; no water will get inside the helmet. The air pressure allows your face to stay dry and you can even talk. For your ladies, that means your face won't erase!
You will have man guides and safety divers with you above and below the surface. They will be with you at all times so all you have to do is follow along and enjoy the fish frenzy. Descend the underwater stairs slowly while equalizing your eardrum. Before you realize, you're already walking on the bottom of the ocean.
Enjoy walking on the ocean bottom. It is a unique experience. You may feel like you're walking on the moon due to minimal gravity. Imagine yourself looking into an undersea jewelry box. The rich colors of the many tropical fish, corals and sea anemones make this an unforgettable adventure.
While you are waiting your turn or after the dive you can feel free to try the sea kayak and go snorkeling and watch the other walkers or enjoy the corals and fish. Afterward, you can have a great lunch. At Fish Eye you will enjoy a varied buffet spice up with some local food as well as traditional foods. Set next to a cliff line and melodic waterfall, the island ambiance is soothing.
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