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Product name : Fish Eye Dolphin Watching Tour
Item : 201351717632
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Fish Eye Dolphin Watching Tour
Fish Eye uses one of Guam's fastest and most comfortable cruising boats to serve as your platform for watching spinner dolphins up close and personal. Jet-powered with full toilet facilities and upper viewing deck, the ship will take you out into Guam's Agat Bay. Enjoy the colors of the reef, the sea birds and look back to the green mountains of Guam as we cruise to find the dolphins. The deep blue water of the Philippine Sea is home to many marine mammals. Sometimes we see bottlenosed dolphins, pilot whales and even sperm whales. But our main and most consistent attraction is the resident family of spinner dolphins that like to visit our southern bays.
These are spinner dolphins are great to find, as they love to jump and play in the bow wave of the cruiser. They sometimes surf on wake waves made by the cruiser. They're naturals!
Spinner dolphins come into Guam's bays during the day for protection and to rest. They like to feed at night. So we see them in the morning when they are fed and happy. They will spin high into the air, jump from the sea, splash with their tails and play with the waves made by the boat. Just stand on the specious bow and you can look down and see these wild and beautiful creatures.


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